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  • Article - 19 Oct 2022
    The article discusses the various types of nanomaterials incorporated in RAC blends and the effect on essential properties of recycled concrete aggregate.
  • Article - 26 Sep 2022
    AZoBuild spoke with Conor Worth, an associate at WilkinsonEyre, about the phenomenal One Barangaroo building that has emerged on Sydney's waterfront. Conor discusses the design of the building and its...
  • Article - 13 Sep 2022
    Construction is one of the leading industry emitters of carbon emissions. However, there are ways to reduce this footprint and offset the carbon cost of construction projects, which can lead to as...
  • Article - 30 Aug 2022
    The primary application of biochar, a highly porous substance made from plant debris, is to improve soil. However, more recent breakthroughs have paved the way for its use as cladding material.
  • Article - 23 Aug 2022
    A new generation of recycled, environmentally friendly building materials is now coming to the fore in response to the challenge of a growing population and increasing climate concerns, including...
  • Article - 12 May 2022
    A new generation of researchers is now focused on experimentally verifying rubberized concrete’s properties to enable the more widespread use of a potentially greener construction material.
  • Article - 29 Apr 2022
    Glass is a non-crystalline amorphous solid that is often transparent; it has wide applications in construction. This article examines some of the different types of glass used for construction.
  • Article - 30 Mar 2022
    AFm is abbreviated from ‘alumina, ferric oxide, monsulfate’. The AFm phase of Portland cement refers to a group of similar members of hydrated calcium aluminates that have a hydrocalumite-like...
  • Article - 10 Feb 2022
    AZoBuild aims to share building, engineering, and architecture with the world and with people who can make a difference. On this International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we spoke to two women...
  • Article - 4 Feb 2022
    AZoBuild speaks to Petr Janda, of the studio petrjanda/brainwork, about the Prague Eyes Riverfront project that has been shortlisted for the 2022 EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der...