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High Quality Oil From Industrial Waste

Imagine there was a machine that could be fed with all kinds of waste and turn them into oil, gas, minerals and fresh water. Waste such as tyres, plastics, municipal sewage sludge, paper, animal and agricultural refuse. If commercially viable it would solve most toxic waste problems and completely eliminate the need for most imported oil. The stunning part of this idea is that it now a bona fide reality.

Changing World Technologies, Inc has had a pilot plant in place in Philadelphia since 1999 and now has an operational commercial facility in Missouri.

The technology called Thermal Depolymerization Process or TDP, emulates the earth’s natural geothermal activity to convert materials into fossil fuels. By using a system of pipes and controlling temperature and pressure the bio-remediation process is reduced from millions of years to mere hours. CWT’s thermal process breaks down long chains of organic polymers into their smallest units and reforms them to produce clean solid, liquid and gaseous alternative fuels and specialty chemicals. There are also no uncontrollable emissions produced and no secondary hazardous waste streams.

The feedstock for the process can include any waste material other than nuclear waste.

Source: Changing World Technologies

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