Granada Cement and Concrete Tile Releases New Guide for Selecting Handmade Cement Tiles

Granada Cement and Concrete Tile has put together and shared a short guide of characteristics to look for and those to watch out for when purchasing handmade cement tile.

By using this guide, homeowners, designers, architects, contractors, and installers can have a better idea of how to separate the wheat from the chaff and determine whether the handmade cement tiles they are considering are good quality or poorly made.

Good Quality Handmade Tile

The Guide to Selecting Handmade Cement Tile is available for free PDF download on Granada Tile’s website.

“Cement tiles are now experiencing a resurgence, but most people have not had the opportunity to shop for them or study them,” says company’s co-founder, Melanie Stephens. “A lot of this tile is produced in factories that are not easily accessible to people in North America and Europe. We created this guide to help educate consumers and allow them to make informed decisions.”

According to Granada Tile’s guide:

“When made well, handmade cement tiles are sensational. They form beautiful patterns that look like sumptuous carpets when installed. They can last a lifetime or two and are easy to maintain.

However, not all cement and concrete tiles are created equal. Cement tiles are handmade, typically in small factories. Conditions, processes, materials and quality control vary significantly from company to company.”

The guide goes on to describe the specific characteristics to look for and look out for. It concludes with these final words of advice about handmade cement tiles.

“Look for quality but not perfection. Remember that this is a handmade product and not machined and mass-produced. Let the minor variations in the tiles remind you that you have something unique and beautiful.

Handmade cement tiles from one quality producer will never look exactly the same as those made by another quality manufacturer. Different aggregates and pigments mixed into the tiles’ upper color layer produce varied appearances. This is part of the beauty of mastercrafted cement tiles. Find the look you love and go with it.”


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