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ChemMasters Unveils Concrete Curing Compound for Indoor Use

ChemMasters has come up with a concept called EZ Strip Cure, a new specialized effortlessly removable concrete curing compound. EZ Strip Cure is a curing compound that can be used indoors and applied on fresh concrete, It emits minimal odor.

easy to remove concrete curing compound EZ Strip Cure

It compares favorably to dissipating resins as it can be taken off by treating with household cleaners that contain ammonia. This means floor coatings and coverings and penetrating sealers can be applied sooner.

EZ Strip Cure does not require strong chemicals for removal. This makes it the perfect option for indoor floors that are later treated with liquid hardeners and densifiers, permeating water-proofing concoctions, polymer coatings and dust proofers. “Dissipating resins” that are commonly used need ultraviolet light to disintegrate and can only be used outdoors. EZ Strip Cure can be taken off with household cleaners that have ammonia or with high-pressure sprays.

ChemMasters is an important manufacturer of specialized concrete chemicals that are utilized to protect, improve and repair masonry and concrete and has been in business for over 55 years. The organization is recognized as a pioneer in coming up with the formula and producing solvent-based low-VOC products that can be used where they are in need.

An avant garde research and development unit is being run by ChemMasters to constantly develop, upgrade and improve the science related to products that optimize concrete usage and make it perfect.

CjemMasters is situated at 300 Edward Street, Madison, Ohio.



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