HOUZE Introduces Affordable, Zero-Energy Homes in the US

HOUZE® Advanced Building Science Inc., an innovative technology commercialization company integrating disruptive technologies into real estate developments and buildings, has announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind affordable, zero-energy homes in the United States.

“HOUZE is completely revolutionizing the way homes are built, how they consume and generate energy and the overall total cost of ownership,” said David Goswick, CEO, HOUZE. “By combining durable, efficient building materials with innovative energy management systems and advanced energy-saving, power-generating and storing technologies, we are comprehensively redefining the “American Dream".

Built using next-generation building systems, materials and technologies, HOUZE zero-energy homes are fundamentally different from the traditional American home. Their innovative building envelope performs like a thermos, ensuring the homes meet the highest energy efficiency standards while creating a safer, stronger structure.

The homes are the first in America to be powered by the HOUZE Power Cell™ that produces both on-site electricity and thermal heat from 100 percent natural gas. Unlike traditional renewable energy technologies which are intermittent, the natural gas power cell provides reliable power 24/7. Roughly the size of a traditional air conditioning unit, the power cell generates significantly more energy than the home will consume. This surplus is then stored in back-up batteries and/or fed back to the electricity grid, providing increased energy security for the homeowner.

Each HOUZE home is tested and rated for its energy generation and consumption by the Home Energy Rating System (HERS). Typical American homes have a HERS rating of 130 and Energy Star® requires a rating of 85. HOUZE zero-energy homes currently have a HERS rating of 44, based on the structure alone. With the addition of the micro-cogeneration power cell and advanced heating and cooling technologies, HOUZE homes will achieve a HERS rating of 0.

These building, energy and technology advancements lead to discounts and incentives from leading mortgage and insurance companies, including reduced mortgage rates and down payment assistance, as well as significant insurance discounts ranging from 40 to 70 percent. In addition to third-party incentives, HOUZE will provide homeowners with a one-of-a-kind Zero Energy Warranty™ guaranteeing no electric or gas payments for the first 10 years of home ownership.

HOUZE zero-energy homes are currently available in Houston, TX, the energy capital of the world. Through public/private partnerships across America, HOUZE will team up with local builders to expand the zero-energy housing program to 35 markets over the next two years. In addition to new zero energy homes across the U.S., HOUZE is currently working on zero-energy solutions for churches, schools and small business buildings.

Numerous leaders in the building, technology and energy industries are showing their support for HOUZE, resulting in an impressive coalition of strategic brands. Through the dedication of these companies, including AT&T, Carrier, CHASE, James Hardie, Pella, Murff Turff, and the American Gas Association, HOUZE is accelerating the transformation of the residential and commercial building industry from being one of the largest consumers of energy to zero energy buildings that consume less energy, efficiently produce on-site energy and leave a near zero carbon footprint on the environment.

AT&T Digital Lifesm

AT&T Digital Life is a wireless-based home security and automation service that will enable users to access, monitor, and effortlessly control devices in their home remotely using a smartphone, tablet or PC. With around-the-clock professionally monitored home security, customizable energy, video, door and water automation solutions, and a game-changing, intuitive user app, AT&T Digital Life will make it easy to stay connected to home and protect what matters most. HOUZE homes will be among the first in North America to feature AT&T Digital Life.

“We’re looking forward to incorporating our AT&T Digital Life services into the HOUZE program,” said Kevin Petersen, senior vice president, AT&T Digital Life. “The alliance with HOUZE and Digital Life, our new home security and automation platform, is the first of its kind. HOUZE is introducing advanced zero-energy homes, and we’re taking the technology of the homes to the next level."

American Gas Association

AGA represents more than 200 local energy companies that deliver clean natural gas throughout the United States. There are more than 71 million residential, commercial and industrial natural gas customers in the U.S., of which 92 percent — more than 65 million customers — receive their gas from AGA members. Today, natural gas meets almost one-fourth of the United States' energy needs.

“Our nation has a clean, abundant and affordable natural gas resource base that will play a significant part in our nation’s energy future. We are pleased to see the leadership and vision of David Goswick in using this foundation fuel as the core energy source in the HOUZE project, and we are eager to work with HOUZE to monitor the performance of the natural gas technologies installed in the these home,” said Rick Murphy, managing director for sustainable growth for AGA. “Initiatives that promote greater use of natural gas--like we see with HOUZE––will help increase the number of energy efficient homes across the country and help to address some of our nation’s environmental challenges. We are excited to continue to work with David and on this innovative initiative.”

Source: http://thezeroenergyhome.com/

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