HOUZE Offers Comprehensive Home Warranty and Zero-Energy Guarantee

As a technology commercialization company integrating disruptive technologies into real estate developments and buildings, HOUZE® Advanced Building Science Inc. is revolutionizing the way homes are built through its standard-setting zero-energy building systems and innovative energy solutions.

Now, HOUZE is poised to take their zero-energy homes one-step further, by offering homeowners the most comprehensive home warranty and zero-energy guarantee on the market.

Backed by the nation's leading new home warranty provider, Bonded Builders Warranty Group, HOUZE's home warranty protects owners against mold and water intrusion along with 10 years of structural coverage and the unique Zero Energy Guarantee assures homeowners will have no electric or gas payments for the first 10 years of home ownership. HOUZE is guaranteeing the energy performance of their homes based on the projected energy production of the HOUZE Power Cell and the estimated energy usage derived from the HERS rating and Bonded Builders is backing HOUZE's guarantee. The support provided by Bonded Builders provides homeowners with added security regarding fulfillment of the Zero Energy Guarantee.

"We are excited to be working with such an innovative home builder," said Roger Lange , COO, Bonded Builders Warranty Group. "HOUZE is revolutionizing the building industry with their zero-energy building systems which include power-generating and storing technologies. The HOUZE 10-year Zero-Energy Guarantee is the first-of-its-kind, and is setting the bar for home builders across America."

The HERS, or Home Energy Rating System, was developed by RESNET and is the nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home's energy performance. Every HOUZE home is tested and rated for its energy generation and consumption by 8 Certified RESNET Home Energy Raters. Typical American homes have a HERS rating of 130 and Energy Star® requires a rating of 85. HOUZE zero-energy homes currently have a HERS rating of 44, based on the structure alone. With the addition of the micro-cogeneration power cell and advanced heating and cooling technologies, HOUZE homes will achieve a HERS rating of 0.

"RESNET sets the standards for home energy conservation with their HERS rating system. We strive to exceed those benchmarks by developing homes that not only consume less energy but create excess energy," stated David Goswick , CEO, HOUZE. "Through their sophisticated data index, we are able to accurately calculate our home's energy performance and improve upon our building plans and energy generating technologies in order to develop our zero-energy homes."

HOUZE Zero-Energy Homes

Built using zero-energy building systems and sustainable materials and technologies, HOUZE homes consume 34% less energy than traditional American homes. They are the first to be powered by the HOUZE Power Cell™ that produces both on-site electricity and thermal heat from 100 percent natural gas. Unlike traditional renewable energy technologies which are intermittent, the natural gas power cell provides reliable power 24/7. Roughly the size of a traditional air conditioning unit, the power cell generates significantly more energy than the home will consume. This surplus is then stored in back-up batteries and/or fed back to the electricity grid, providing increased energy security for the homeowner.

The HOUZE Power Cell is leading the pack in residential application of micro cogeneration, a system that uses excess heat to drive other household systems. HOUZE Labs enables continuous improvement in the company's home technologies through collaborative research with industry leading corporations in all areas of building science.

Support from Major Industries Players

Numerous leaders in the building, technology and energy industries are showing their support for HOUZE, resulting in an impressive coalition of strategic brands. Through the dedication of these companies, including AT&T, Carrier, CHASE, James Hardie , Pella, and the American Gas Association, HOUZE is accelerating the transformation of America's residential and commercial building industry from being one of the largest consumers of energy to zero energy buildings that consume less energy, efficiently produce on-site energy and leave a near zero carbon footprint on the environment.

AT&T Digital Life(SM)

AT&T Digital Life is a wireless-based home security and automation service that will enable users to access, monitor, and effortlessly control devices in their home remotely using a smartphone, tablet or PC. With around-the-clock professionally monitored home security, customizable energy, video, door and water automation solutions, and a game-changing, intuitive user app, AT&T Digital Life will make it easy to stay connected to home and protect what matters most. HOUZE homes will be among the first in North America to feature AT&T Digital Life.

Source: http://thezeroenergyhome.com/

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