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Moisture Warranty Corporation Introduces MoistureFree Warranty for Commercial Properties

Moisture Warranty Corporation (MWC), the nation's leading moisture warranty company for protecting residential properties from moisture intrusion, has announced its new MoistureFree Warranty for commercial properties.

The Commercial MoistureFree Warranty, available for terms up to five years and $1 million of coverage, is offered nationwide for most exterior cladding systems, both new and existing construction. Backed by Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, an A+ rated company by A.M. Best, coverage is both renewable and transferable.

Warranty pricing varies based on the associated risk of the property, but the warranty coverage is considered in the industry to be both affordable and critically necessary.

To qualify for a MoistureFree Warranty, the property is evaluated for existing moisture intrusion problems. Third-party inspectors are used to inspect buildings for moisture intrusion and provide a thorough inspection report to MWC. MWC then analyzes the report and provides a detailed repair analysis of modifications and repairs required for the property to be warrantable. MWC can also conduct American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) testing on critical components of the building in order to engineer specific moisture prevention solutions for their clients.

Once the modifications and repairs have been completed, a specialist from MWC ascertains the building meets MWC warranty standards and a MoistureFree Warranty is issued on the building. During the term of the warranty, if the building suffers moisture intrusion as a result of the cladding system, MWC pays to get it dry. On new construction, MWC specifies the installation procedures that are necessary to protect the building from moisture problems related to the cladding system. Interim onsite inspections verify the system is being installed to MoistureFree Warranty standards.

"The commercial building market has operated with a responsibility void for problems related to exterior moisture," says Chris Burton, president of MWC. "When a problem is discovered, the parties involved usually start pointing fingers at each other, which often leads to few solutions and many law suits. The Commercial MoistureFree Warranty eliminates this problem by taking full responsibility for the performance of the exterior cladding. When there is a moisture problem, MWC can help engineer and warrant a solution to eliminate this responsibility void. This is a new and unique benefit to commercial property owners."

Many commercial properties have been susceptible to moisture intrusion problems and liability litigation has become a hot topic in the commercial building and management fields. Often, those problems present themselves as interior air quality issues related to mold. Owners of both new and existing commercial buildings have become very aware of moisture and mold problems that can potentially harm their building, its occupants, and cash flow. The Commercial MoistureFree Warranty was designed to address the moisture element of the problem, which is the first step for controlling potential mold problems related to the exterior cladding.

Industry expert Frank Guidera of Performance Exteriors in North Carolina says, "There is a great need for the MoistureFree Warranty in commercial buildings because of the public perception of mold and the limits that insurance companies put on a mold claim. The first step in stopping mold is to eliminate the moisture. MoistureFree Warranty's solution process stops the moisture intrusion first, then the mold can be dealt with. Owners want to protect their buildings from moisture intrusion and the damage it can cause. Now there is a company that offers them protection for their property that was not previously available, especially with EIFS."

Guidera, a well-known contractor with many industry certifications and more than 21 years of experience, specializes in retrofit and remediation of exterior insulating finishing systems (EIFS) and Portland Cement Plaster (stucco). MWC gained wide recognition as service provider for the national class action settlement involving Dryvit Systems, the nation's largest synthetic stucco manufacturer. That settlement closed to claimants in June 2004.

Persons interested in the new Commercial MoistureFree Warranty can find more information on the website at

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