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Behr Paints Announces 2014 Color Trends

Behr Paints announces 2014 Color Trends with 20 brand new paint colors and four inspirational design styles.

BEHR Paints Grand Reign Showcase a favorite room to reflect an exquisite residence from another place and time. (Photo: Business Wire)

With the influence of history, hobbies and the impact of nature, Behr addresses the diverse needs of its consumers by providing an extensive range of intriguing color palettes and décor styles to serve as creative inspiration for do-it-yourself projects.

“Behr’s 2014 Color Trend palettes inspire consumers to express their passion through color,” said Erika Woelfel, Director of Color Marketing for Behr Paints.

Using this inspiration, Behr Paints has identified four eye-catching themes with twenty brand new paint colors for 2014:

  • Seaside Harmony: an open look of modern resort chic, where the colors of sun, surf and sand come together in a relaxing mix
  • Urban Alternative: the natural evolution of industrial modern décor into something that feels more modest, relaxed and attainable
  • Grand Reign: an invitation to distinctive opulence and romantic glamour
  • Natural Avocation: a spotlight to your hobby, adding a sophisticated touch to your home and a rich experience in the exploration of color

From the lavish jewels and architecture of the 1920s era to the impact of celestial patterns and natural events, Behr Paints has pulled together these trends to create eye-catching colors that can be used in the home to show various forms of self-expression. Inspiration for conceptualizing the Behr trend palette for interior color is varied. First, neutrals are revitalized to showcase skills and craftsmanship in wood, metal and stone work, embracing a modest, relaxed and attainable atmosphere. Plus, an interest in luxurious detail, color and ornamentation leads to a reinvention of style for a rich, masculine look or a delicate a feminine design, and puts a fresh spin on capturing the imagination with a sense of opulence, romance and mystery. Finally, Behr finds that home is still all about creating a personal and comfortable sanctuary, which make colors from a cool, calming palette and warms hues from the sun and sand a perfect backdrop.

Each original trend is showcased with a room image that embodies the theme, and includes five distinct in-vogue colors. The Behr 2014 Color Trends brochure can be found in stores and includes detailed décor themes plus design and decorating tips to help consumers visualize each space. An in-depth look at each of the four trend themes:

Seaside Harmony –The cool palette of blue-green and white soothe the senses; a warm peach and white revives the spirit. The design elements for Seaside Harmony include minimal furnishings, sculptured driftwood, and sea glass.

Corresponding BEHR Colors include:

  • Ocean Liner T14-1
  • South Peach T14-2
  • Miami Weiss T14-3
  • Edgewater T14-4
  • Sky Blue T14-5

Urban Alternative – This style is inspired by time-honored skills and craftsmanship in wood, metal, and stone work. It is the natural evolution of the ‘industrial modern’ décor into something that feels more modest, relaxed and attainable. The design elements for Urban Alternative include distressed wood treatments, raw metal finishes, filament light bulbs, and earthbound shades.

Corresponding BEHR Colors include:

  • Boho T14-6
  • Offbeat T14-7
  • Film Fest T14-8
  • Hipsterfication T14-9
  • Coffee Bar T14-10

Grand Reign – Showcase a favorite room to reflect an exquisite residence from another place and time. Fascinate the eyes with luxurious detail, color, and ornamentation, creating a rich and masculine look, or one that’s delicate and feminine. The idea is to capture the imagination with a sense of romance and mystery. The design elements for Grand Reign include jeweled colors, layered textiles, guilded frames, and decorative moldings.

Corresponding BEHR Colors include:

  • Imperial Jewel T14-11
  • Coronation T14-12
  • Grand Soirée T14-13
  • Cloisonné Blue T14-14
  • Minuet Rose T14-15

Natural Avocation – The world of science and nature is expressed with local and exotic flora and fauna motifs. Botany, geology, archaeology and celestial events give the curious mind a rich experience – one that especially comes alive with color. The design elements include weathered maps, antique books, geological artifacts, plus bird, plant and insect illustrations.

Corresponding BEHR Colors include:

  • Arboretum T14-16
  • Archivist T14-17
  • New Shoot T14-18
  • Sunday Afternoon T14-19
  • Amaryllis T14-20


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