New Rainwater Harvesting System Designed for use in the Garden

A new rainwater harvesting system which is designed for use in the garden and could prove invaluable for people beset by hosepipe bans, or on water meters, has been launched by Aylesbury-based manufacturer Klargester.

Known as Raintrap, the product is available in three different capacity sizes, with the smallest storage tank – 2,800ltrs – able to hold as much water as 560 average sized garden watering cans.

The Raintrap system comprises a filter, an underground storage tank and a pump. Rainwater runs down the roof and into the guttering and down pipes in the normal way before passing through the filter, which removes any leaves or debris.

Rainwater is stored in the underground tank from which it is pumped at a constant pressure to an outside tap or garden sprinkler, as required. Tanks are available in the following sizes – 2,800, 3,800 and 4,600 litres.

Autumn is the ideal time to install a rainwater harvesting system since there will be minimal disruption to plants.

Gerry Quinn, Product Manager for Raintrap, said: “With hosepipe bans likely to be commonplace in certain parts of the UK in the future, Raintrap provides an ideal way of keeping a garden healthy.

“It could also prove useful for people who are on water meters and others who simply want to do their bit to help to offset the effects of climate change by keeping unnecessary mains water usage to a minimum.”

Raintrap has many advantages over traditional garden water butts. In addition to being able to store far larger quantities of water, it removes the need to carry water around and does not flood when full, since the excess water exits via a soakaway.

Unlike full domestic and commercial systems, which can be used for tasks such as flushing toilets and running washing machines, Raintrap can be easily retrofitted to a property because no internal plumbing work is required.

Raintrap prices vary according to the size of the system required, with the smallest one costing just under £1,000.

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