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Warm Up Cold Floors With New TileWarm

Imagine the luxurious sensation of stepping on wonderfully warm floors this winter instead of tiptoeing across icy cold tiles. While flooring materials such as ceramic tile, marble and stone are beautiful and easy to maintain, they naturally feel cold in the winter. With today's advanced TileWarm™ floor warming system, homeowners no longer have to sacrifice winter comfort to enjoy their hard surface flooring all year round.

TileWarm™ is a revolutionary floor warming system by SpeedHeat®, a world leader in the radiant heating industry for over 20 years. TileWarm™ is easy to install under ceramic tile, stone, marble and even vinyl. TileWarm™ is part of SpeedHeat's newly introduced Generation4™ product line that features the most technologically advanced electric radiant floor heating systems in the world. The entire G4™ line offers distinct advantages in comfort, conservation, health and safety.

"Floor warming is becoming a popular upgrade because it helps boost comfort and creates a spa-like experience, especially in the bathroom," says Peter Newman, President of SpeedHeat U.S. "With hard surface flooring and new luxury vinyl products gaining popularity, SpeedHeat's new TileWarm™ system is poised to offer American consumers the luxury, comfort and quality they desire…all at a surprisingly affordable price."

SpeedHeat's G4™ systems are unique because they were designed for installation directly 'IN TOUCH' with floor finishes. SpeedHeat® offers the highest level of responsiveness and the closest source of radiant heat to maximize energy savings and enhance comfort. Other advantages include:

Customized Comfort and Ease of Installation:
Like all SpeedHeat® systems, TileWarm is fully customized to meet the specific needs of each installation. Since many variables are taken into consideration in creating the optimum solution (i.e. - flooring materials, climate, consumer preferences, subfloor construction, etc), SpeedHeat is happy to assist builders, contractors and do it yourselfers in specifying the correct products. SpeedHeat's feather thin heating element maneuvers easily in tricky spaces and the build up height is only 1/16", making the heating system perfect for installation in new and remodeled homes. The installation can be performed by a contractor, DIY or a SpeedHeat® accredited installer.

Optimized Energy Conservation:
Because SpeedHeat's ultra thin Generation4™ heating element is optimally engineered to be 'in touch' with floor finishes, it warms floors faster than any other systems and at lower, safer temperatures. Because the element is installed closer to the surface than other products, it uses less energy to operate. SpeedHeat® also uses more element per square foot than other manufacturers to achieve unequaled low operating temperatures which also reduces energy consumption. Because SpeedHeat's G4™ systems are the most responsive, their Intellistat™ thermostats also achieve comfort balance with microclimate adjustments, versus fully cycling on and off like other systems, which makes them even more efficient to operate.

Promotes Healthier Environments:
SpeedHeat's Generation4™ systems maintain temperature at lower levels than the competitor's products. This in turn means that G4™ does not dry out air as much as older generation systems. Lower air temperatures contain a lesser amount of moisture and bacteria, thus humidity discomfort and the levels of airborne particles are reduced. In fact, even the Department of Energy says, "Radiant heating has a number of advantages: It is more efficient than baseboard heating and usually more efficient than forced-air heating because no energy is lost through ducts. The lack of moving air can also be advantageous to people with severe allergies."

Uncompromised Safety:
Only SpeedHeat's G4™ systems feature the patented PTCSelfControl™ flexible heating element that is the thinnest in the industry at less than 1/16" in diameter. The self-regulating element prevents overheating, and the multi-stranded core is protected with a tough outer sheath to stop abrasion and corrosion. All SpeedHeat® products have undergone rigorous testing, including complete submersion in water while energized. All systems feature a full-surround ground screen that is an effective EMR, EMI and RFI shield, and GFCI protection provides absolute electrical safety. SpeedHeat's products are all UL-listed and National Electric Code (NEC) compliant.

SpeedHeat® Offers Generation4™ Warming Solutions for the Whole Home:
SpeedHeat® is easy to install at any time, in any room and under virtually any floor covering (carpet, stone, floating wood, laminates, vinyl and more). As compared to hydronic radiant heating systems, which are typically installed in the slab of the home at the time of construction (and rely on warm water being pumped through pipes to warm the floors), G4™ systems offer quicker warming response times and greater design flexibility. SpeedHeat® is the ideal choice for new construction as well as kitchen renovations, bathroom remodeling, sunroom additions and basement finishing projects. Other G4™ products include woodBEwarmer™ and CarpetMate™.

Zero Installation Option -- RugBuddy™ Offers Plug-'N-Warm Simplicity:
Another unique "zone heating" option is RugBuddy™ -- the only UL-listed heating mat in the world, approved for use under area rugs. It is an ideal solution when installing fixed electric radiant floor heating is not an option. Like an electric blanket for the floor, RugBuddy™ turns regular area rugs into invisible space heaters and is an ideal solution for warming cold spots in any room of the home or office.

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