Annual Home Check Up Tips to Prevent Damage to Your House

According to Brad Little, president of Case Handyman and Remodeling of Charlotte, yearly home check-ups are necessary to maintain the health and wealth of one's home. Without annual inspections, houses may be susceptible to numerous potential problems that could have an adverse affect on individual health as well as the value of the home.

Little believes that homeowners should know the health status of their home. "An annual inspection identifies potential problem areas and offers solutions to prevent further damage," says Little. "Over time, if these problems are not adequately addressed, you may be placing your health and home at risk."

Tony Blue, public relations director for the corporate headquarters of Case Handyman and Remodeling said, "We have seen nationwide that when homeowners adopt a 'do nothing approach' and defer their home's ongoing maintenance needs, the value of their most important asset will undoubtedly decline."

Case Handyman and Remodeling of Charlotte recommends a home check-up to ensure that your home has a clean bill of health:

  • Inspection of your attic for proper insulation and adequate ventilation
  • Ensuring that crawlspaces are well ventilated and protected with plastic sheeting
  • Installation of kitchen and bathroom exhaust systems
  • Inspection of windows for signs of cracks
  • Surveying the exterior for damaged siding, brick, stucco, paint, trim and wood
  • Inspection of your home's perimeter, looking for signs of water settling or voids
  • Proper ventilation of exhaust fans, clothes dryers and combustion appliances
  • Inspection of your home's gutter system
  • Cleaning air conditioning drip pans and drain lines
  • Inspection of your roof for missing or broken shingles
  • Repairing leaking pipes
  • Inspection of your HVAC system

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