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Retaining Wall Blocks Capture the Color, Texture and Detail of Natural Stone

Millenia Wall Solutions is setting the new standard for the construction of segmental retaining walls by advancing the most noteworthy innovation in the industry since the 1980s. The faces and caps for the wall units in Millenia's revolutionary retaining wall system are now available in four distinctive styles:

  • AshlarStone - the traditional look of cut stone with varied sizes of rectangular shapes
  • ChiseledStone - the timeless appearance of hand-chiseled quarried stone
  • LedgeStone - an elegant expression of the texture and cleft of natural stone
  • SandStone - a classic style with the intricate detail of linear, hand-cut stacked stone

Millenia Wall Solutions, Expressing the Essence of Natural Stone

Millenia produces each style in five different patterns so that finished walls feature the subtle variations in texture and detail that are elemental qualities of natural rock formations and quarried stone. In addition, each style is offered in an array of natural colors.

How does Millenia express the essence of natural stone? "Our imaging technology makes detailed impressions of real stone faces, and we use them to form the molds for manufacturing our retaining wall faces and caps," said Paul Forsberg, president, Millenia Wall Solutions. "We inject the molds with 100 percent recycled pre-consumer polymeric resins. The material fills into every nook and niche and gets every detail of the stone faces. With special paints and additives we then add colors and texture."

The faces and caps attach to Millenia wall units, which are also made from recycled polymeric resins. The units consist of a confinement cell secured to a rigid frame engineered with structural cross ribbing for strength. Unit-to-unit connection locks the units tight in all directions and forms a solid integral wall. A front-end loader delivers the weight of a Millenia wall to the wall in the form of crushed stone backfill.

The inventive design of the confinement cells fortifies the properties of the fill. Compacting the fill into the strong geometric shape of the confinement cells ensures stability. Thus, when a contractor uses the Millenia retaining wall system, machine power carries the weight of the wall to the wall. Installation crews no longer have to bear the burden of carrying the weight by lifting and positioning heavy concrete blocks that typically weigh 60 to 65 pounds each, or more.

Millenia wall units come in two sizes. The one-half square foot size weighs 2.5 pounds and is designed for landscapers and smaller walls. The one square foot units weigh 5.5 pounds and are designed for contractors, larger applications and engineered walls.

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