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World's Largest Swimming Pool to Be Built in the Egyptian Desert by Crystal Lagoons

Think big and build big is the premise behind the tourist revolution of Crystal Lagoons, which recently announced the creation of the world's largest pool, in the middle of the Egyptian desert. The company is working with its local partners, Pyramids Plaza and Citystar Holding, on a US$5,500 million project named City of Stars.

World's largest swimming pool under construction

Crystal Lagoons announced the construction of twelve giant crystal clear lagoons at the Sharm El Sheik beach, the biggest of them measuring 8.8 hectares in size. The world's largest pool is currently in San Alfonso del Mar, Chile, and has an area of 8 hectares. This one-kilometer-in-length behemoth -- also built by Crystal Lagoons -- will soon be surpassed by its Egyptian relative, which is expected to be finished around July 2009.

The project, located at 3 kms from the Red Sea, involves a master plan of 30,000 home units, hotels, a museum and a shopping center. This will be the first of four tourist projects that Crystal Lagoons has formally agreed with its Egyptian partner and that will be emplaced in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Alexandria.

By the end of 2009 Crystal Lagoons and its Egyptian partners will venture into a new real estate project located on Soma Bay in the Red Sea, approximately 500 km south of Cairo and just below the Abu Soma peninsula. This new project will double the size and investment of Sharm El Sheikh.

With a total investment of US$12,000 million, the Soma Bay project involves the construction of 18 giant lagoons; 10 hotels; 50,000 residential units; a commercial area; a waterpark and two 18-hole golf courses.

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