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Sokkia Announces Enhancements to NET05 and NET1 Automated 3D Stations

Sokkia announces four new enhancements to the NET05 and the NET1 Automated 3D Stations.

The NET05 features 0.5” angle accuracy and sub-millimeter EDM for maximum precision, while the NET1, a 1” model, incorporates longer range EDM and a new laser option designed for precise measurement in tunnel and general construction applications.

“These enhancements will further broaden the applications of our NET series,” said Kunitoshi Ogawa, senior manager of Measuring Instruments Planning Group.

Extended Reflectorless Measurement Range

Reflectorless distance measurement range of the NET05 is extended to 100m (320ft.) under outdoor conditions, without compromising the original accuracy of 1mm + 1ppm throughout the measuring range. The range of the previous model was 40m (130ft.).

Ogawa said, “NET05’s extended reflectorless measurement capability provides the most accurate, effortless and the fastest solutions for large volume measurements where reflectors cannot be placed.”

The NET05 measures to standard prisms up to 3,500m (11,480ft.) range with 0.8mm + 1ppm precision, and to reflective sheets up to 200m (650ft.) with sub-millimeter accuracy of 0.5mm + 1ppm.

Increased Distance Resolutions

Distance measurement resolutions of the NET05 are increased to 0.01mm, 0.0001ft. or 1/64 inches. Display resolution of the previous model was 0.1mm.

“Users in the industrial measurement field can take ultra-fine measurement, leveraging the most precise EDM we have ever designed on mass production basis,” Ogawa said.

Expanded Low Temperature Range

Both the NET05 and NET1 now operate at as low as –20°C (–4°F), while the previous models operated down to –10°C (14°F). The highest operating temperature +50°C (122°F) is unchanged.

Long-range laser option

The LSP1 laser beam emitter can be built into the telescope of the NET1 model. The bright laser beam can be utilized for automatic profile projection on tunnel faces as well as various setting out tasks in underground constructions. Narrow parallel beam reaches up to 700m (2,300ft.). Beam diameter is as small as 30mm at 200m distance (1.18in. at 650ft.).

Ogawa said, “The addition of the LSP1 option to the NET1, featuring robust dust- and water-protection rate IP64 and 300m reflectorless range, will provide versatile solutions for diverse tunnel measurements such as directional control, excavation profile contouring and deformation monitoring.”

The applications of the NET05 and NET1 include:

  • Precise surveying

  • Measurement of precise baselines

  • Automatic deformation and/or displacement monitoring

  • Setting out tasks in engineering and construction

  • Tunnels and underground constructions

  • Industrial 3D measurement

The NET05 and NET1 are now available.


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