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SANYO’s Duct-Type Air Purification System Deployed at Mann Theatres’ Screen in Santa Monica

Installation marks first-ever U.S. SANYO duct-type system to help provide clean air for movie theaters

SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO), a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., and Mann Theatres, Southern California’s premiere boutique movie theatre chain, today announced their partnership to provide cleaner and safer air quality for Los Angeles movie goers with the first-ever U.S. installation of SANYO’s duct-type air purification system in a public movie theatre, existing air conditioning setting. This air purification system, which has been installed at one screen of the Mann Theatres’ “The Criterion 6” theatre in Santa Monica, demonstrates Mann Theatres’ commitment to providing the highest quality cinema experience for its guests as possible. “The Criterion 6” theatre installation will serve as a pilot for all future Mann Theatres throughout Southern California.

This announcement to provide a cleaner and safer air environment for Mann Theatres’ customers is being made just in time for the holiday season, a peak time of the year for theatre goers nationwide, as well as when public concerns over airborne contaminants in public gathering spaces are heightened.

“It has always been our desire to provide our customers with the highest quality cinema operations, and the installation of this air purification system to our existing air conditioning system will be the first of its kind in the United States,” commented Peter Dobson, CEO, Mann Theatres. “Mann Theatres is excited to offer this as another way for movie-goers to enjoy movies while knowing they are in a clean and comfortable cinema.”

“As a ‘Leading Company for Energy and Environment,’ SANYO is committed to delivering innovative solutions that respect and protect our planet, while enhancing the lives of people around the world,” said Mitsuru Honma, Executive Vice President, SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. “The electrolyzed water technology utilized in the air purification system installed at the Criterion 6 theater is an example of how our products are being utilized in public places, such as movie theatre environments, to provide cleaner and safer air for those who convene in those spaces.”

This duct-type air purification system was installed at the end of October, and signifies the opportunity offered to Mann Theatres to pilot the system in the United States, as well as gather feedback from their customers on the experience.

This installation at The Criterion 6 Mann Theatre further embodies the “Water, Air and Energy Solutions” technology that have been developed based on SANYO’s brand vision, “Think GAIA.” Utilizing electrolyzed water technology, the air purification system effectively suppresses a wide range of airborne agents, such as bacteria, pollen and odors. The electrolyzed water that is produced decomposes tap water with an electric current, creating two forms of active oxygen to clean the air. Electrolyzed water has been found effective and has been proven by testing laboratories in various locations throughout the world (please see reference material 1). With its electrolyzed water technology employed in air conditioning systems, SANYO is able to provide a solution for a clean-air environment for spacious rooms where the public often frequents.

In June 2007, SANYO in Japan announced a similar air purification system that was exclusively installed in Warner Mycal Cinemas. In addition to the one-year exclusive agreement, it was also agreed that the air conditioning system featuring the air purification system would be installed at a total of 26 theaters in Japan that had an average of eight screens per theater.

SANYO, a “Leading Company for Energy and Environment,” is developing technologies under the themes of water, air and energy. To help people achieve a “lifestyle that focuses on air quality,” the company has developed a concept to ”wash the air with the power of water,” and aims to expand this idea through the installation of its air purifications systems equipped with electrolyzed water technology in installations, such as cinema complexes.

Mann Theatre and SANYO will continue to work together, actively supporting a cooperative relationship to offer an environment to customers in these large entertainment theaters.


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