Cummins Filtration Direct Air Flow System Included in Top 100 Construction Equipment of 2009

Cummins Filtration (NYSE:CMI) Direct Air Flow technology has been honored as the Industry’s Choice ancillary product as part of Construction Equipment’s Top 100 Products of 2009. The Top 100 award is the trade magazine’s oldest and most recognized in the industry.

Kamini Patel, Executive Director of Global Marketing at Cummins Filtration, said, “We are honored to receive the award as Cummins Filtration’s goal is to provide unique product solutions that benefit original equipment manufacturers and end customers alike. The Direct Flow air intake system offers our customers greater design flexibility in addition to higher air filtration performance, easier serviceability, and longer service intervals.”

Conventional round air filter elements typically have a flow that takes many turns and twists, creating higher restriction and complicated plumbing for the inlet and outlet ducting. The Direct Flow product uses a rectangular “V-Block” configuration that optimizes space normally wasted in the inner diameter of a typical cylindrical air filter configuration. Thus, the total dust holding capacity increases, and the physical size of the product can be decreased up to 50 percent for a given dust capacity. This unique design also provides the ability to mount the air cleaner in a location previously not suitable with cylindrical air cleaners.

As well as minimizing space, the Direct Flow technology also offers better engine protection and lower maintenance costs than conventional systems, including:

  • Extended air filter life
  • Extra protection with optional pre-cleaner and secondary filter
  • Less inventory with broader application use
  • Applicable for low to high dust environments
  • Rust-free composite construction
  • Optimized for the most rugged environments

The Direct Flow air intake system has been designed and integrated with Cummins off highway engines providing customers with enhanced engine performance and optimized costs for Tier 4 Interim applications. More than 100 integrated Tier 4 systems will be delivered to customers with the Direct Flow air intake system by early 2010.

The winners of the Construction Equipment Top 100 Award were featured in the December 2009 issue of the magazine, as well as in the magazine’s eNewsletter.


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