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    Sound Seal is a leading manufacturer of commercial and architectural acoustic noise control products and offers a wide product selection to the soundproofing industry. Sound Seal has stayed true to...
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    H+H Celcon has been manufacturing aircrete in the UK since 1949 and is the leading specialist manufacturer in its field. It is part of the Danish H+H Group with manufacturing and marketing operations...
  • Article - 31 Mar 2003
    New active elements for building acoustics were developed in the SMARTACUS project.
  • Article - 9 Jul 2004
    There are a number of nondestructive test methods to evaluate the sub-surface structure of floors. Topic.
  • Article - 22 Dec 2003
    Following government announcements in 2001 for the compulsory acoustic testing of all new dwellings with party walls or floors, the house building industry proposed an alternative. Topic
  • Article - 13 Jun 2003
    Designers of acoustic systems must satisfy both legislative and regulatory requirements and the client’s wishes. Abstract.
  • Article - 2 Apr 2003
    A series of acoustic measurements was made on different brick walls in order to obtain results on the sound reduction index and to establish a simplified model (which was subsequently verified on...
  • Article - 2 Apr 2003
    Traditionally, the acoustic behaviour of construction materials has not occupied an important place in quality control for buildings.
  • Article - 28 Mar 2003
    The ability of brick and masonry walls to insulate against sound transmission is an important design characteristic
  • Article - 19 Jul 2006
    Test data has proved that a wall constructed from Celcon aircrete blocks can match the acoustic performance of brick and aggregate block masonry walls.