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  • Article - 14 Sep 2018
    The 3D printer has been used in a variety of projects and can be adapted for larger construction projects.
  • Article - 21 Sep 2023
    Concrete is the most commonly used construction material in the world, but its use comes with some key environmental, technical, and durability issues. Now, Mimicrete, a start-up based in the UK, has...
  • Article - 15 Feb 2023
    After water, concrete is the most extensively used material in the world. However, the concrete industry accounts for a significant portion of total global carbon emissions - estimated at 4-8%.
  • Article - 14 Apr 2022
    Architects use computer software to create 3D models and 2D construction documents, develop concepts and ideas, communicate with clients and stakeholders, and manage complicated projects.
  • Article - 10 Mar 2020
    Nondestructive metrology techniques are beneficial when it comes to analyzing building materials, particularly concrete and pavement. Metrology can also be invaluable when it comes to assessing...
  • Article - 29 Jan 2020
    In an energy-intensive world where reducing energy demand is desirable, films and coatings could play a huge role.
  • Article - 4 Sep 2019
    Smart buildings are being developed which take advantage of technology and sensors play a fundamental role in this.
  • Article - 27 Aug 2019
    The connection of data through the Internet of Things (IoT) offers infinite possibilities to the construction industry.
  • Article - 3 Apr 2019
    Wind power has long been hailed as a clean and renewable source of energy, which will help to reduce our reliance on polluting fossil fuels. But, is there a downside?
  • Article - 3 Apr 2019
    Energy efficiency should be as high on the list of desirables as the number of bedrooms, storage space and proximity to local schools/amenities when buying a new house.