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Tips for Interior House Painting


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Our homes are our castles, so there is nothing like the feeling of a freshly painted interior or exterior to make our spirits rise. In terms of decorating, good preparation done properly can save both time and money.


There are a few issues to consider when painting your exterior that can make a significant difference regarding whether you do a quality job or not. In terms of windows, it is important to remove all surface dirt, mossy growth with a wire brush, scrubbing brush, sanding pad, fill rotten areas with wood filler, and sand again. A good, clean, dry, and smooth surface should be your goal before beginning to paint.

For the main exterior surface, make sure you look at the weather forecast and pick a time when you know you have some dry days ahead. Late spring and early fall are good times to consider, as is summertime when the days are long and the nights short (although too warm and your paint may dry too quickly and crack or go lumpy). In other words, do your research beforehand; much of the decision to paint or not is dependent upon the area that you live and your local weather.


Painting an interior is much less problematic as it is non-weather dependent. However, there are some aspects to consider and preparation to make the job easier all round. Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert with the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute says, “good preparation requires the surface be clean and sound. Check for handprints, greasy fingerprints, as well as dirt and scuff marks. Lightly sand glossy spots so the new paint will adhere properly”.

Pick the Correct Tools

For latex paint applications, purchase synthetic brushes and rollers because they will hold their shape and maintain the proper stiffness when used with water-based paints. The general rules for naps are the smoother the surface, the shorter the nap; the rougher the surface, the longer the nap.

Decide on the Appropriate Paint Sheen and Color

If you are unsure of which color to use, purchase small quantities of a few you like and try them out in the room you will be painting. It’s important to view the color in both daylight and at night because the color may appear different based on the lighting within the space.

Sheen is another factor to consider when purchasing paint. Higher sheen paints tend to offer a bit more durability than flat paints and are appropriate in areas that get a lot of use such as kitchens and bathrooms. Satin or low luster finishes tend to impart more warmth and depth to a room than flat paint. The ceiling is a great place to use higher sheen paint for additional lighting reflection.

Purchase Quality Paints

Always purchase top quality, acrylic latex interior paint. Quality latex paint will go on smoothly and allows easy soap and water clean-up for long-lasting beauty. It will also go much further on your paintbrush than an inexpensive thinner paint which often needs more coats to get an even sheen and can take up much more of your time getting the job done.

This article was updated on 24th February, 2020.

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