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Dehumidifier Retailer Sylvane Addresses Mold Concerns

A growing concern in the United States, mold problems have resulted in financial loss and personal health issues. Sylvane, Inc. assists customers by providing expert advice and tailored solutions to help prevent the growth of mold and mildew in customers’ homes and businesses.

Surveys of realtors, homeowners, and building inspectors have shown that mold is on the mind of today’s home buyers. The discovery of significant mold in a residence is enough to scuttle a potential house sale or reduce the final closing value on a home.

“It is unfortunate that such situations exist when many of these cases could have been prevented by a relatively small financial investment and proper precautionary measures,” says Steven Hong, President of Sylvane. “Controlling relative humidity is crucial in efforts to prevent mold growth and a dehumidifier is the appropriate first step to take in that direction.”

Relative humidity is a measure of the moisture content in the air relative to how much moisture the air could potentially hold given its current temperature. Most experts agree that relative humidity should ideally be beneath 50% in order to prevent the growth of mold.

Sylvane has a broad array of dehumidifiers available to meet varying conditions and requirements. From simple standalone room dehumidifiers to ducted whole house units and specialized industrial low temperature units, Sylvane carries a complete spectrum of solutions.

The Santa Fe Dehumidifier is a popular product for large or damp basement environments. This unit is energy star rated and as of the May 2005 comparison report – this unit is the most energy efficient unit in the entire energy star program. It can be used standalone in a basement or can also be ducted.

For those customers with more modest dehumidification needs, the DeLonghi dehumidifier line may be a good fit. These units are energy star rated and come in varying capacities for different size areas and conditions. In addition, DeLonghi is one of the only manufacturers to provide a built-in condensate pump on select models at a relatively low price point.

For customers with more industrial or specialized requirements, Sylvane also carries Ebac dehumidifiers. These units are rugged commercial grade units with very low temperature operation.

Customers interested in one of these solutions or a consultation on their mold issues should contact one of Sylvane’s product experts. Through a detailed consultation, customers can take a step in the direction of stopping mold problems before they occur.

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