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Revolutionary System Uses Water and Sand to Carve Stonework to Match Architect Vision

In what many leaders of the architecture field are recognizing as one of the most significant stone masonry developments since the chisel, Uxbridge, Massachusetts-based New World Stoneworks has introduced the New World Stoneworks Natural Stone Facing System that elegantly translates the vision of an architect into exceptional stonework.

Utilizing only authentic, natural stone, the straightforward process uses water and sand to naturally shape each stone according to an architect approved design plan. Each numbered stone is delivered to the jobsite ready to install with detailed instructions to facilitate flawless installation. The revolutionary system reduces installation time by up to 90% when compared to traditional stone construction techniques, and completely eliminates dusty onsite stone cutting.

By enabling architects to drive the design and control every aspect of fine stone construction applications without having to constantly be present on the jobsite, New World Stoneworks has quickly emerged as a leader in the modern stone masonry industry. Developed by Ken Jackman, New World Stoneworks Founder and President, the technology that enables the system is patent-pending in 14 countries, including the United States.

The New World Stoneworks Natural Stone Facing System was created with the architect in mind and begins by designing the complete stone pattern. From there a digital proof that includes the stone type, color, mortar joint, and edge finish is provided to the architect for approval. Then each stone is shaped to fit the design, engraved with a number, and hand dressed using traditional hammer and chisel techniques.

Much like a giant puzzle, the New World Stoneworks Natural Stone Facing System is delivered to the jobsite palletized and ready-to-install with no cutting required. The architect's mason of choice installs the system by number and section, following the laminated instructions that arrive with the system.

The company incorporates green practices into all aspects of the business, and use of the New World Stoneworks Natural Stone Facing System qualifies a project for up to three LEED credits, as it utilizes only natural stone material, has environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices, and totally eliminates jobsite waste. In addition, a fourth LEED credit is possible for those projects within a 500 mile radius of the manufacturing facility in Uxbridge, Mass.

The system is currently being utilized by top architects and custom builders on a number of projects, including building exteriors, fireplaces, wine cellars, chimneys, exterior wainscoting, as well as on stonewall and retaining wall construction. In addition, it can be utilized on any application that requires exquisite stone construction.

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