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Sustainable Head Office in Brussels for BNP Paribas Fortis

Imtech (technical services provider in Europe) won the order for sustainable (energy) technology in the renovation of the BNP Paribas Fortis head office in Brussels (Fortis Bank Belgium became part of BNP Paribas in May 2009). This ‘green’ head office will become one of the most sustainable offices in Belgium. The order is valued at more than 20 million euro.

René van der Bruggen, CEO of Imtech: ‘More and more big organisations are deciding to make their head offices completely sustainable in the name of corporate social responsibility. Imtech capitalises on this trend to create ‘green head offices’ with sustainable, integrated and intelligent technical solutions. This order confirms our strong position in the European market for ‘green’ buildings. With orders won for the ‘green’ revitalisation of the Deutsche Bank head office in Frankfurt (120 million euro) and sustainable technology in the Royal Netherlands Army headquarters in Utrecht (60 million euro), this order is another important sustainability reference.’

High-tech (energy) technology leads to 50% energy savings
The BNP Paribas Fortis head office in Brussels is made up of five integrated, historic buildings on the stately Warande Park. Among other things, Imtech will be providing the high-efficiency co-generation plant (the combined generation of heat and power). The residual heat released is used to heat the building. In addition, an innovative Borehole Energy Storage (BES) system is being laid. The system uses 100-metre-deep boreholes to temporarily store cold energy deep underground. This air is then transferred to the building via an ingenious, energy-conserving piping network, for climate conditioning. Solar panels are placed on the roof to preheat warm water for the building’s restrooms. Various other high-tech, energy-efficient solutions are implemented, such as an energy-conserving heat pump, which yields a considerable extra energy saving in combination with the BES system. Other examples include the use of high-tech, high-efficiency cooling units, the presence of two air units with energy reclamation and the application of special cooling towers. In the context of optimum climate conditioning, innovative cooling beams will be placed, which periodically make use of energy that is available in the outside air, based on the ‘free-cooling’ principle. Special high-efficiency condensing gas furnaces handle additional heat generation. Compared to traditional energy solutions, the results of the mix of these integrated, sustainable solutions are an energy saving of about 50% and a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. Imtech will also integrate all of the electrical solutions in the building in a sustainable way, including the sustainable high and low voltage grids, as well as the energy-conserving lighting and the energy-efficient data network.

Safety is the top priority
Imtech will also implement a number of advanced safety facilities, such as the innovative access control system, the complete camera monitoring system and building automation. In the parking garage, a high-tech smoke and heat removal system will be implemented. This system is automatically activated in case of fire and immediately removes all smoke and dangerous substances released. This will allow a fast and problem-free evacuation and keep the building accessible to emergency services.

Finished in 2011
Since 2007, Imtech has been working as the technology partner in a building team comprised of contractor Besix, Storme/Van Ranst architects, and stability specialist ELD and Boydens consulting firm. Over the course of time and partly as a result of the economic crisis, the original plans have been cut back and adapted, though there is still an aesthetic and sustainable metamorphosis taking place. Imtech will complete and deliver all the sustainable and safe technology solutions in 2011.

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