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  • News - 22 Nov 2016
    “Mood ring materials” are likely to play a significant role in reducing and mitigating damage to the failing infrastructure around the country. The American Society of Civil Engineers...
  • Article - 8 Aug 2023
    Mycocrete is an innovative material that could potentially help solve key issues facing the construction industry in the 21st century. This article will provide an overview of this technology and...
  • Article - 19 Apr 2022
    Air conditioners consume a lot of energy, which has a negative impact on the environment as well as our electricity bill. Because of the growing demand for energy, increased fossil fuels are being...
  • Article - 17 Nov 2021
    A research paper published online in October 2021 in Scientific Reports has considered current research into ancient masonry and studied blue brick in a modern building in Kaifeng, China. The results...
  • Article - 19 May 2020
    Modern building ceramics are often treated to achieve a range of special properties and to improve their overall quality.
  • Article - 14 Nov 2019
    Superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) are a type of polymer that can both absorb and retain very large quantities of a liquid relative to their mass.
  • Article - 26 Sep 2019
    This article discusses the main types of destructive testing methods that are used in several industries to ensure there is no damage to materials under analysis.
  • Article - 8 Jul 2019
    The building and construction industry is moving towards using more sustainable materials. Hempcrete is a building material made from hemp, a plant from a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant species,...
  • Article - 14 Jul 2006
    Celcon blocks are ideal for the construction of solid walls, and the range of blocks available provides the designer with a choice of solutions which will meet the primary functions.
  • Article - 22 Feb 2023
    Scientists at the University of Manchester, UK, recently demonstrated how a novel concrete material using Martian soil and the blood of human astronauts as ingredients could pave the way for future...