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    Keller is the world’s largest independent ground engineering specialist with unrivalled coverage in Europe, US and Australia and a growing presence in the Middle East and Asia. The company has...
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    Since the Moore Trenching Machine excavator in 1891, Moretrench has pioneered some of the industry’s most important underground advancements. It’s that spirit of creativity and leadership...
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    H+H Celcon has been manufacturing aircrete in the UK since 1949 and is the leading specialist manufacturer in its field. It is part of the Danish H+H Group with manufacturing and marketing operations...
  • Article - 15 Sep 2003
    As the requirements and performance characteristics of structural grouts in each application are so varied, it is important to ensure the correct materials are specified and used on each project....
  • Article - 17 Oct 2006
    Celcon flooring system is produced using the latest aircrete manufacturing technology.
  • Article - 2 Apr 2003
    A 100-year old stone masonry facade was visibly displaced and in danger of collapse due to inadequate support, poor initial construction, moisture infiltration, and related freezing action.
  • Article - 6 Apr 2004
    A short discussion on the cleaning of tiled surfaces refers to the use of an acid-based cleaner for mineral type deposits and grout haze problems, and alkaline cleaners for organic, oil or grease...
  • Article - 6 Apr 2004
    The UK tile adhesive and grout market is reviewed. Technical Brief.
  • Article - 6 Feb 2004
    Cellulose-based viscosity-modifying admixtures (VMA) are used to increase the viscosity of cement-based systems, hence, reducing the risk of material separation during handling and transport and...
  • Article - 19 Dec 2003
    In ceramic tile installations, efflorescence takes the form of a whitish deposit which usually manifests itself on the surface of the grout lines, most frequently in flooring applications..